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Vit B12 Plus Folate Formula (60 veg Capsules)

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Indian food  is known for its vegetarian and vegan options, but it lacks many nutrients. One such essential vitamin missing from Indian diets are B-12 vitamins.

The recent research study shows that 82% of Indians are B12 deficient. One reason being not enough in the diet and second can be the acidity issue, which makes it difficult for them to absorb either from food or tablets if taken regularly, but there's a much more effective way now! It works synergistically with Folate & VitaminB6.

Ingredients helps in 

Anemia, anxiety, constipation, fatigue or low energy

- Support healthy brain function 

- Reduce the risk of heart disease 

- Stay energized and focused all day long.

Who Can Get It?

People Having 

  • Fatigue And Anxiety
  • Low Iron Levels
  • Menstruating Women
  • Liver Problems
  • Vegetarians
  • Pale Complexion
  • Fatigue And Anxiety
  • Acidity Related Issues And H.Pylori Infection
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • People Having Lack Of Motivation
  • Pregnant Women ( consult your Doctor )


Q1. Who Should take B 12 everyday?

Ans. Vegetarians, Fatigue, Mensurating, Not eating Organ Meats


Q2.How long should I take it?

Ans. When people are not eating organ meats,body needs B12 to function properly.

 If there is an acidity problem in the blood stream then it will be hard for that person's organs and tissues receive enough B12 from their diet

The first signs of a body with enough B12 are energy levels will get better. You can't overdose on it as you'll pee the extra vitamin!

Q3. How to Take B12 Supplements.

Ans. Take 1 after lunch and 1 after dinner or as recommended by your health Expert. 

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