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Pepsin with HCL and Triphala Extract

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Betaine HCL,triphala and Pepsin capsules are a popular way to improve digestion. The capsules work by providing extra hydrochloric acid (HCL) to the stomach. This acid helps to break down food, which can improve digestion and reduce problems such as gas,heartburn and acidity.

Who Can Get It?

People having

  • Gas
  • Acidity
  • Digestion Problems
  • burping
  • Farting
  • Problem Digesting Proteins
  • Brain Fog/ Low Energy Especially After Food
  • With No Gallbladder
  • People Who Are 30+

The capsules can be helpful for people who have trouble digesting food, especially proteins. Without enough HCL, the stomach may not be able to effectively break down food, which can lead to problems such as gas and acidity.

Q1: What are its benefits? 

-These capsules aid digestion, fight stomach infection and help to  get relief from acidity. If  burping or farting is causing excess discomfort in the stomach area then this product will also help. Plus they're vegan friendly.

 Q2 Are There Side Effects To Take These Capsules ?

 Yes, people having ulcers should avoid it.

Q3. How often can I take this?

Ans. 1 capsule after 20 minutes after meal.

Q5: How long to take these capsules for?

Ans.1 After lunch you can take it.


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