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Dr. kundooz Liver detox formula (60 veg Capsules)

The liver has many functions, including filtering out toxins and making bile that helps us digest food. But it can also be affected by drinking, meds, or environmental pollutants like pesticides and heavy metals.

In this condition we may require a supplement to help support the healthy function. Our Liver Detox supplement will do just that!

This powerful blend of ingredients will work together to cleanse the body system and  brings the body back into balance.

Our customer Reported


  • bloating, fatigue, getting energy back, rashes and pigmentation gone, liver functioning improved, digestion got better.
  • have more energy,
  • feeling lighter.

Who can get it?

It can be taken by anyone, but it’s especially beneficial for people having:

  • -Bloating.
  • -Liver problem
  • -Toxic overload
  • -skin problems
  • -Or living in a city with high pollution levels.

Ingredients and their benefits:


  • - supercharge performance.
  • prevent liver toxicity by helping in  normalizing liver enzymes level,
  • has prophylactic effect
  • and slow down ageing.

Milk thistle- Research has shown that this herb can block toxins, reduce inflammation and even help with anti-aging properties as it ages us by cleaning out cholesterol build up.It contains palmitoylethanolamide as well to help with liver detoxification.


Q1.  I do not have a Liver issue can I still take Liver Detox?

Ans. Liver Detox is a great way to cleanse the liver system and get back on track with health.

Q2. What is the function of this supplement?

Ans. With age, the natural ability of  liver to detox decreases. This can lead not only in Weight Gain but also  Skin and Other health problems because backed up toxins are inevitable with passing  age or people with removed gallbladder can keep less bile so they may require liver detox supplement specially.

Q3.Is it safe for people with Diabetes, Cholesterol, thyroid or other health issues?

Ans 4. yes it is completely safe as it is made of herbal ingredients but if still have doubt then call our support or consult your doctor.

Q4. How long can I take it?

Ans. It is for general well being.it is herbal and has no overdosing side effects so you can take it forever to encourage liver functions.

Q5. How many times and how much should i take?

Ans. 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after dinner is suggested.

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